Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Pine Branches and Cones with Red Bow Brooch Pin by Gerry'sgreen,Signedgreen, Giftsgreen, Gifts for Womengreen, Winter Broochgreen, Christmasgreen, Holidaysgreen, Pine Branches



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This broochis broocha broochstunning broochHoliday broochBrooch broochor broochPin broochby broochGerry's. brooch broochIt broochconsists broochof broochgreen broochenameled broochpine broochbranches broochand broochgold broochpine broochcones broochtied broochwith broocha broochred broochand broochgold broochribbon. broochIt broochmeasures broochapproximately brooch2 broochinches broochby brooch1 brooch1/4 broochinches. brooch broochIt broochis broochsigned broochon broochthe broochback broochand broochis broochin broochexcellent broochcondition. brooch broochIt broochappears broochto broochhave broochbeen broochworn.

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