Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

teal, Handmade Copper Earwire Earrings with Lampwork Teal Green Shell Beads and Sea Sand Starfish Copper Charms



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Handmade starfishEarrings starfishmade starfishusing starfishbeautiful starfishlampwork starfishglass starfishshell starfishbeads starfishfrom starfishUK starfishArtist starfishJoanne starfishJoyce starfishwith starfishmy starfishown starfishhandstamped starfishcopper starfishstarfish starfishcharms starfishstamped starfishwith starfishthe starfishwords starfish"sea" starfishand starfish"sand" starfishand starfishmy starfishown starfishhandmade starfishearwires.The starfishlength starfishof starfishthe starfishearrings starfishare starfishapprox starfish4cm starfishand starfishthey starfishcome starfishgift starfishwrapped.

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