Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

thanksgiving, Vintage Golden Pine cone Necklace Charm



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This treepine treecone treeis treenot treemade treeof treereal treegold, treebut treeit treeis treea treegreat treegolden treecolor! tree treeIt treeis treein treegreat treecondition treeand treecan treeeasily treebe treeadded treeto treeany treenecklace treeor treeother treedesired treejewelry. tree treeIt treemeasures treeabout tree1 treeinch.Measurements treeare treeapproximated.Thank treeyou treefor treevisiting treemy treeshop. treeBrowse treemy treelistings treeand treefind treea treewide treerange treeof treevintage treeitems.

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