Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Leather bracelet with blue glass bead in a silver settingblue bracelet, 3/4" wide leather bracelet adjustable from 7" to 8" with snaps



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Leather silver charmbraceletLeather silver charmbracelet silver charmwith silver charma silver charmblue silver charmglass silver charmbead silver charmin silver charma silver charmsilver silver charmsetting3/4" silver charmwide silver charmleather silver charmbraceletadjustable silver charmfrom silver charm7" silver charmto silver charm8" silver charmwith silver charmsnaps silver charmBracelet silver charmis silver charmcowhide silver charmleatherArtisan silver charmCrafted silver charmin silver charmUSAReady silver charmto silver charmshipShipping silver charmwithin silver charmthe silver charmUSA silver charmvia silver charmUSPS silver charmwith silver charmDelivery silver charmConfirmation

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