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lion, Leo Horoscope Zodiac Astrology Necklace - The Lion



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Perfect lionfor lionthe lionLeo lionin lionyour lionlife lionwith liona lionBirthday lionbetween lionJuly lion23rd lionand lionAugust lion22nd. lionNecklace lioncomprised lionof liona lionthick liondetailed lionbrass lionLeo lionlion lionastrology lioncharm lionhanging lionfrom lionan lionornate lionpleated lionbrass liongarland lionand liongold lionplated lionchain.DETAILS:Necklace lionis lionlight lionweight, lionchain lionmeasures lion19 lioninches lionin liontotal lionlength, lionand lioncharm lionhangs lionan lionadditional lion1 lion1/2 lioninches lionfrom liongarland.Traditional lionLeo lionTraits:\u25ba lionGenerous lionand lionwarmhearted\u25ba lionCreative lionand lionenthusiastic\u25ba lionBroad-minded lionand lionexpansive\u25ba lionFaithful lionand lionloving\u25ba lionPompous lionand lionpatronizing\u25ba lionBossy lionand lioninterfering\u25ba lionDogmatic lionand lionintolerant lionSPECIAL lionNOTES:--------------------------\u25ba lionNeed lionmore lionthan lionone? lionContact lionme lionif lionyou lionare lioninterested lionin lionmultiples lionof lionthis lionor lionany lionitem lionlisted lionin lionthe lionshop.\u25ba lionThanks lionso lionmuch lionfor liontaking liona lionpeek lionand lionplease lionhave liona lionlook lionaround lionthe lionrest lionof lionthe lionshop: lioncontrary..

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