Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Copper Flower Cut Out Boho Earrings with Faceted Red Crystal Beads and Brass fringevintage style, Long Kidney Wiresvintage style, One Of A Kind



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One red crystalof red crystala red crystalkind red crystalBoho red crystalearrings red crystalwith red crystalvintage red crystalstyle red crystalcut red crystalaway red crystalcopper red crystalfloral red crystalfocus red crystalsupporting red crystalbrass red crystalplate red crystalfringe. red crystalLots red crystalof red crystalmovement! red crystalRich red crystalsaturated red crystalred red crystalfaceted red crystalcrystal red crystalbeads red crystaltop red crystalit red crystaloff. red crystalOn red crystallong red crystalkidney red crystalearwires.3.25" red crystallong

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