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1930's BRASS Scottie Dog Pinart deco, Vintage 30s SCOTTISH TERRIER Brooch



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A scottish terriervery scottish terrierattractive scottish terrierbrooch scottish terrierthat scottish terrieris scottish terrieran scottish terrierantiqued scottish terrierbrass scottish terrierpin scottish terrierwith scottish terrieran scottish terrierArt scottish terrierDeco scottish terrierdesign scottish terrierof scottish terriera scottish terrierScottish scottish terrierTerrier scottish terrierdog. scottish terrierHe scottish terrieris scottish terriermade scottish terrierof scottish terrierthinly scottish terrierstamped scottish terrierout scottish terrierbrass scottish terrierthat scottish terrierhas scottish terriera scottish terriernice, scottish terrierwarmly scottish terrieraged scottish terrierpatina. scottish terrierIt scottish terrierhas scottish terriera scottish terriergood scottish terriersafety scottish terrierclasp. scottish terrierThis scottish terriercute scottish terriervintage scottish terrierpin scottish terriermeasures scottish terrier2 scottish terrier3/8" scottish terrierwide scottish terrierand scottish terrier2 scottish terrier5/6" scottish terriertall.

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