Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

proverb, The Latinate Collection Custom Hand Stamped Brass Ring



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Each nameof namethese namebrass namerings nameis namehand-stamped namewith namethe nameLatin nameproverb nameor namephrase nameof nameyour namechoice. nameI namecan namecustom-design namea namering namewith namethe namewords nameof nameyour namestate namemotto, namecollege nameseal nameor namesomething nameyou namelearned namein namehigh nameschool nameLatin nameabout nameCornelia namesitting nameunder namea nametree. nameIf nameyou nameneed nameinspiration, namethere's namean nameunsurprisingly namethorough namelist namehere: name nameI namecan namealso namestamp namenames nameor namephrases namein nameany nameother namelanguage namethat nameuses namethe namesame namealphabet, nameincluding nameEnglish!Please namespecify nameword nameor namephrase nameand namewidth name(3mm nameor name4.5mm) nameand namechoose namesize nameand namefinish namewhen nameordering.Brass namewill namedevelop namea namenatural namepatina nameover nametime. nameIt namecan namebe namecleaned nameand namepolished namewith nameany namecommercial namebrass namepolish nameif nameyou nameprefer nameto namekeep nameyour namering nameshiny. namePlease namenote namethat namethis namelisting nameis namefor nameone namering.

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