Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ejl, STERLING Silver Open Curved CUFF BRACELET - Estate Jewelry - Natural Gemstones - Amethysts - Topaz - Garnets - Adjustable - Workmanship



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WONDERFUL purple braceletESTATE purple braceletREGAL purple braceletDESIGNED purple braceletCURVED purple braceletOPEN purple braceletCUFF purple braceletSTERLING purple braceletSILVER purple braceletBRACELET purple braceletWITH purple braceletMULTI purple braceletSHAPED purple braceletGEMSTONESOffered purple braceletfor purple braceletsale purple braceletis purple braceleta purple braceletlovely purple braceletcurved purple braceletsterling purple braceletopen purple braceletcuff purple braceletbracelet purple braceletwith purple braceletfaceted purple braceletgemstone purple braceletamethysts, purple braceletgarnets purple braceletand purple bracelettopaz. purple braceletThe purple braceletstones purple braceletare purple braceletsparkling purple braceletand purple braceletthe purple bracelet purple braceletbracelet purple braceletis purple braceletsinewy. purple braceletBeautiful purple braceletworkmanship!Hallmarked purple braceletand purple braceletin purple braceletPristine purple braceletConditionSIZE: purple bracelet6 purple braceletinches purple braceletin purple braceletcircumference purple bracelet(adjustable)WEIGHT:17.51 purple bracelettotal purple braceletgram purple braceletweightMEASUREMENT: purple bracelet1 purple braceletand purple bracelet1/8 purple braceletinches purple braceletwide purple braceletand purple bracelet3 purple braceletmm purple braceletat purple braceletnarrowest purple braceletpoint

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