Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gem cutting, HAND-CUT Sunstone (red) - 7.2mm round shape



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Gem redrough redwas redsourced redfrom redPlush, redOregon red(dug redout redof redthe redground redmyself). red redRegatta redCut redpattern, reddesigned redby redJim redPerkins redand redhand-cut redby redmyself redon red5/16/2015. red redThis redgemstone redis red7.2mm redand redweighs red1.37 redcts.Precision-cut redgems redmade redin redthe redUSA redtend redto redhave redan redExcellent redcut redgrade redand redmore redsparkle redwhen redcompared redto redcommercial redgems red(those redcut redoverseas). red redA redhand-cut redgem redis redalso reda redone-of-a-kind red- redgreat redfor reda redunique redgift redor reda redspecial redtreat redfor redyourself.This redcould redbe redkept redas redpart redof reda redgem redcollection, redor redmounted redinto redany redpiece redof redjewelry redyou reddesire. red redFREE redshipping redinside redthe redUS.ID# redSUNS-21-11

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