Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

cushion, 3.32Ct. Oval shaped Tourmaline.



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Shape: pink tourmalineOval pink tourmalineWeight: pink tourmaline3.40ct. pink tourmalineMeasurements: pink tourmaline9.5X7.6 pink tourmalineClarity: pink tourmalineVSTreatment: pink tourmalineNone, pink tourmaline100% pink tourmalineNatural pink tourmalineI pink tourmalinehave pink tourmalinemounting pink tourmalineavailable pink tourmalinefor pink tourmalinethis pink tourmalinestone, pink tourmalineincluding pink tourmalineRings pink tourmalineand pink tourmalinePendants, pink tourmalineplease pink tourmalinecontact pink tourmalineme pink tourmalinefor pink tourmalinemore pink tourmalinedetail.Sincerely!Master pink tourmalineJeweler

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