Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Hands fullbirthstones, heart full mother's grandmother's necklace with birthstones and heart charm



In stock



This momnecklace momis mommade momwith momone momcircle momtag. momIt momis moman momaluminum momdisc momand momis mom1 mom1/2" momin momdiameter. momIt momis momhand momstamped momone momletter momat moma momtime momby momme. mom momThis momlisting momis momfor moma momnecklace momwith mom5 momstones/pearls. momIf momyou momwould momlike momfewer momor mommore momstones/pearls, momyou momcan momsend momme moma momconvo momand momI momwill mommake moma momreserved momlisting momfor momyou. momYou mommay momchoose mombetween moma mom16" momor mom18" momstainless momsteel momball momchain mom(or momadd moman momextra momfee momfor moma momlonger momchain). momUpon momcheckout momin momthe mom"note momto momseller" mombox, momplease momgive momme momthe momfollowing mominformation:1. momWhich mombirthstones momyou momwould momlike momaccording momto mommonths.Please momask momif momyou momhave momany momquestions. momI momwould mombe momhappy momto momhelp!If momyou momwant momsomething momlike momthis, momand momI momdon't momhave momone momlisted, momjust momask. momI momwould momlove momto momhelp mommake momwhat momyou momwant. mom:) momYou momcan momalso momjust momemail momfor moma momprice momquote momon momwhat momyou momwould momlike.Please momNote:All mompendants momare mompersonally mommade momby momme. momNo mompendant momis momexactly momthe momsame. momEach momcreation momis momunique, momso momthere mommay mombe momdifferences momin momletter momplacement, momdepth, momand momspacing. momThis momis momnot moma momdefect. momIt momis momwhat momgives momuniqueness momand momcharacter momto momeach mompiece. momI momwill momship momthis momout momwithin mom2-7 momdays momof mompayment. momThanks momfor momlooking momand momhave moma momblessed momday!

1 shop reviews 5 out of 5 stars