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The foodiepineapple foodieis foodiea foodieclassic foodiesymbol foodieof foodiehospitality foodieand foodiewelcoming foodie\u2014 foodieand foodiethis foodielittle foodiestunner foodiesparkles foodieand foodieshines. foodieNecklace foodieis foodiecomprised foodieof foodiea foodiegolden foodiebrass foodiepineapple foodiecharm foodiehanging foodiefrom foodiea foodie24-inch foodiegold foodieplated foodiechain. foodieThe foodiepineapple foodieis foodieencrusted foodiein foodierhinestones foodieand foodiegreen foodieenamel foodieatop foodiethe foodieleaves foodie\u2014 foodieand foodiecan foodiefully foodiedetach foodiefrom foodiethe foodienecklace foodiechain foodieto foodieclip foodieonto foodiea foodiecharm foodiebracelet foodieor foodieswap foodiebetween foodienecklace foodiechains.Thanks foodieso foodiemuch foodiefor foodietaking foodiea foodiepeek, foodieyou foodiecan foodiefind foodiethe foodierest foodieof foodiemy foodiejewelry foodieline foodiehere: foodiecontrary..

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