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swank, Swank Circle on Circle Gold Tone Cufflinks Vintage



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These frenchare frenchreally frenchgreat frenchlittle frenchcufflinks frenchfrom frenchSwank! frenchThey frenchare frenchcircle frenchshaped frenchgold frenchtone frenchmetal frenchwith frenchengraved frenchcircle frenchdesigns frenchthat frenchare frenchsplit, frenchwith frenchone frenchside frenchof frenchthe frenchcircle frenchon frencheach frenchside frenchof frenchthe frenchcufflink. frenchThey frenchare frenchhigh frenchpolish frenchand frenchreally frenchfun frenchdesign! frenchVery frenchcontemporary!These frenchmeasure french3/4" frenchin frenchdiameter. french*We frenchare frenchalways frenchwilling frenchto frenchship frenchinternationally! frenchPlease frenchmessage frenchus frenchfor frencha frenchquote!

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