Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

cone, Leather Hop Keychain



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Inspired chainby chainmy chainlove chainfor chaincraft chainbeer chainI chainmade chainthis chainleather chainhop chainkeychain chainso chainyou chaincan chaincarry chainyour chainlove chainfor chainfine chainales chainalso!This chainadorable chainlittle chainhop chaincone chainis chainmade chainfrom chainthick chainrawhide chainleather chainwith chaintwo chaintone chainengraving. chainIt chainis chainso chainlight chainyou'll chainbarely chainbelieve chainyou're chaincarrying chainit. chainIt chainmeasures chain3 chaininches chainfrom chainthe chaintop chainof chainthe chainhop chainto chainthe chainbottom, chainand chain1.5 chaininches chainacross. chainAll chainof chainmy chainleather chainitems chainare chainmade chainby chainme chainin chainmy chainhome chainin chainSouthern chainCalifornia.Please chaincontact chainme chainif chainyou chainhave chainany chainquestions!

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