Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

rhinestone earrings, Vintage Gold tone Coro Scipt mid Century Clip on Earrings



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Vintage gvssigned gvsCoro gvsscript gvsgold gvstone gvsclear gvsrhinestone gvsclip gvsearrings gvsPerfect gvscondition gvswith gvsprong gvsset gvsbright gvsshinny gvsclear gvsrhinestones, gvsmeasures gvs1 gvs\u00bd gvsby gvs\u00bd gvsPlease gvssee gvspictures gvsfor gvsfurther gvsreference gvsor gvscontact gvsus gvswith gvsany gvsquestions. gvsPlease gvsremember gvswe gvscombine gvsshipping gvson gvsjewelry gvsitems gvswith gvsno gvsadditional gvscost gvsin gvsU.S. gvsInternational gvscostumers gvswelcome, gvsplease gvscontact gvsus gvsfor gvsbest gvsshipping gvsrate.Thanks gvsyou gvsfor gvsvisiting gvsMema\u2019s gvsVintage

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