Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage pin, Vintage Gold Tone Multi Color Rhinestone Flower Pin Brooch



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This vintage broochis vintage broocha vintage broochgold vintage broochtone vintage broochunsigned vintage broochpin vintage broochwith vintage broochprong vintage broochset vintage broochblue, vintage broochgreen, vintage broochyellow vintage broochand vintage broochlight vintage broochbrown vintage broochrhinestones. vintage broochThis vintage broochpiece vintage broochis vintage broochnot vintage broochmissing vintage broochany vintage broochstones vintage broochand vintage broochthe vintage broochplating vintage broochis vintage broochstill vintage broochin vintage broochnice vintage broochshape. vintage broochIt vintage broochmeasures vintage brooch2"l. vintage broochx vintage brooch2"w.

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