Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

magenta, Costume garnet brooch: Festive dark wine red princess cut rhinestone and bright yellow gold tone swirl statement costume pin brooch



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A scarletglitzy scarletdark scarletred scarletrhinestone scarletstatement scarletcostume scarletpin scarletbrooch scarletin scarletshiny scarletbright scarletyellow scarletgold scarlettone, scarletperfect scarletfor scarletChristmas scarletparties! scarlet scarletSome scarletminor scarletwear scarletbut scarletoverall scarletgreat scarletvintage scarletcondition.2.1 scarletinches scarletlongFREE scarletSHIPPING scarletto scarletmost scarletof scarletthe scarletworld!+\u00a35 scarletflat scarletshipping scarletfee scarletto scarletUSA, scarletNZ scarletand scarletAustralia(all scarletother scarletdestinations scarletfree)UK scarletorders scarletover scarlet\u00a310 scarlettracked scarletas scarletstandardInternational scarletorders scarletover scarlet\u00a330 scarlettracked scarletas scarletstandardFor scarletall scarletother scarletorders scarletadd scarlettracking scarletfor scarleta scarletflat scarletrate scarletof scarlet+\u00a36 scarletworldwide

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