Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Summer flower basketflower pendant, sterling silver cabochon pendantflower pendant, Art Nouveau style



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From flower pendantmy flower pendantPrimavera flower pendantcollection.\rThis flower pendantcollection flower pendantis flower pendantcomprised flower pendantof flower pendantfloral flower pendantmotifs flower pendantcast flower pendantfrom flower pendantvintage flower pendantbuttons flower pendantand flower pendantcabochons. flower pendant flower pendantThe flower pendantfun flower pendantflorals flower pendantare flower pendantperfect flower pendantfor flower pendantspring flower pendantand flower pendantsummer flower pendantwedding flower pendantjewelry, flower pendanteither flower pendantas flower pendanta flower pendantmain flower pendantbridal flower pendantpiece flower pendantor flower pendantin flower pendantsets flower pendantfor flower pendantbridesmaids. flower pendant flower pendantI flower pendantam flower pendanthappy flower pendantto flower pendantdo flower pendantcustom flower pendantorders flower pendanton flower pendantthis flower pendantline, flower pendantjust flower pendantask!\r\rThis flower pendantpendant flower pendantwas flower pendantmolded flower pendantfrom flower pendanta flower pendantvintage flower pendantGerman flower pendantcabochon. flower pendant flower pendantI flower pendantchose flower pendantit flower pendantfor flower pendantits flower pendantlovely flower pendantdetail, flower pendantit flower pendantfeatures flower pendantmultiple flower pendantflowers, flower pendantone flower pendantlarger, flower pendantthree flower pendantsmaller, flower pendantand flower pendantsome flower pendantleafy flower pendantcomplements. flower pendant flower pendantSimple, flower pendantsweet, flower pendantromantic, flower pendantthis flower pendantpendant flower pendantwould flower pendantbe flower pendanta flower pendantperfect flower pendantaccent flower pendantin flower pendanta flower pendantwedding, flower pendanteither flower pendantfor flower pendanta flower pendantbride flower pendantor flower pendantin flower pendantsets flower pendantfor flower pendantthe flower pendantbridesmaids.\rI flower pendantoxidized flower pendantthe flower pendantentire flower pendantpendant, flower pendantthan flower pendantcarefully flower pendantbrightened flower pendantsome flower pendantareas flower pendantfor flower pendantmaximum flower pendantcontrast. flower pendant\r\r\rThis flower pendantpendant flower pendantis flower pendantready flower pendantto flower pendantship.\r\rThe flower pendantpendant flower pendantmeasures flower pendant16 flower pendantmm flower pendantby flower pendant22 flower pendantmm.\rNecklace flower pendantmeasures flower pendant16" flower pendantlong.

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