Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

pendant, 4ct. 14kt Radiant Cut White Sapphire Pendant



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The 10x8mmbeautiful 10x8mm10x8mm=4ct. 10x8mmWhite 10x8mmSapphire 10x8mmRadiant 10x8mmCut 10x8mmis 10x8mmFrom 10x8mmSriLanka 10x8mmand 10x8mmheated 10x8mmonly.Color 10x8mmDClarity 10x8mmVVS/IFSet 10x8mmin 10x8mm14kt 10x8mmwhite 10x8mmgold. 10x8mmThis 10x8mmcan 10x8mmbe 10x8mmreset 10x8mmin 10x8mmrose 10x8mmgold 10x8mmor 10x8mmyellow 10x8mmgold 10x8mmas 10x8mmwell.Silver 10x8mmchain 10x8mmis 10x8mmavailable 10x8mmupon 10x8mmrequest.One 10x8mmor 10x8mmtwo 10x8mmof 10x8mmthe 10x8mmphotos 10x8mmshows 10x8mmspots.I 10x8mmguess 10x8mmmy 10x8mmcamera 10x8mmdoes 10x8mmtoo 10x8mmwell, 10x8mmbecause 10x8mmthose 10x8mmare 10x8mmnot 10x8mmspots 10x8mmbut 10x8mmin 10x8mmfact 10x8mmdust 10x8mmor 10x8mmlent 10x8mmparticals.Rabbit 10x8mmEar 10x8mmBail.Layaway 10x8mmavailable.

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