Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Blue Flower Necklaceblue flower, enameled flower pendant by Kathryn Riechert



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These flower charmturquoise flower charmblue flower charmflowers flower charmmake flower charmme flower charmhappy, flower charmand flower charmthey flower charmreally flower charmstand flower charmout flower charmwhen flower charmworn!This flower charmpendant flower charmis flower charmmade flower charmof flower charmglass flower charmenamel flower charmfused flower charmto flower charma flower charmcopper flower charmbase. flower charmColorful flower charmand flower charmdainty, flower charmsimple flower charmand flower charmsweet, flower charmit flower charmis flower charmperfect flower charmfor flower charmboth flower charmlittle flower charmgirls flower charmand flower charmadults. flower charm flower charmThe flower charmflower flower charmwas flower charmmade flower charmwith flower charmdifferent flower charmcolors flower charmof flower charmblue flower charmenamel flower charmfused flower charmtogether. flower charm flower charmThe flower charmcenter flower charmhas flower charma flower charmlittle flower charmwhite flower charmand flower charmyellow flower charmflower flower charmmelted flower charmin flower charmplace.I flower charmhave flower charmtried flower charmto flower charmportray flower charmthe flower charmcolors flower charmas flower charmaccurately flower charmas flower charmpossible, flower charmhowever flower charmit flower charmwill flower charmvary flower charmby flower charmcomputer flower charmmonitor.The flower charmcharm flower charmis flower charmabout flower charm1" flower charm(25mm) flower charmin flower charmsize.The flower charmnecklace flower charmchain flower charmis flower charmsolid flower charmsterling flower charmsilver. flower charmSend flower charmme flower charman flower charmetsy flower charmconvo flower charmor flower charmemail flower charmwith flower charmany flower charmand flower charmall flower charmquestions.Thank flower charmyou!

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