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healing, Brilliant Blue Magnesite Bracelet with Om Charm



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Brilliant omBlue omMagnesite ombracelet omwith omtwo omaccent omhowlite ombeads omand oma ombrass omoxide ompewter omOm omcharm. omMagnesite omhas ombeen omvalued omby ommany omNative omAmericans omfor omhundreds omof omyears. om omThe omPomo ompeople omin omCalifornia omused omthe ommineral omin omjewelry omand omas ommoney. om omMost ommoney ombeads omwere omtraded omby omthe omstrand, ombut omnot ommagnesite. om omSince omthe ommagnesite omwere omconsidered omvery omvaluable, omthe omcrafted ombeads omwere omtraded omindividually. om om om om om omMetaphysically, ommagnesite omis omsaid omto ombring omdeep ompeace omwhen ommeditating. om omIt omencourages oma ompositive omattitude omtoward omlife. om omIt omis ompromotes omtolerance, omallowing omthe omwearer omto omaccept omthe omself omand omto omtake omothers omfor omwho omthey omare omwithout omthe omdesire omto omchange omthem.It omis omsaid omto omrelieve ommuscle omspasms omand omgeneral omtension. omIt omhas omalso ombeen omknown omto omhelp ompeople omwho omhave ombone omand omteeth omproblems omand ommay omhelp omto omrelieve omheadaches omand ommigraines.The omdyed omblue ombeads ommeasure om6 ommm omand omthe omstretch omcord ombracelet omfits omto omapproximately om7 ominches omon omthe omwrist. omThe omcharm ommeasures om15 omx om10 ommm.

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