Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gemstone, 30mm Gemstone Donut Focal Pendants with Sterling Silver Bails in Four Styles



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Sara blackJewelry blackDesign. black30mm blackgemstone blackdonut blackfocals blackmake blacksuch blacka blackdramatic blackyet blackclassy blackstatement. blackEach blackis blackpartnered blackwith blacka blacksterling blacksilver blackhinged blackbail. blackChoose blackyour blackfavorite blackfrom blackthe blackGemstone blackand blackBail blackdrop-down blackmenu. blackListing blackis blackfor blackone blackfocal blackand blackbail. blackFour blackare blackavailable:Green blacktree blackagate blackwith blacksterling blacksilver blackCeltic blackstyle blackbail.Pink blackrhodonite blackwith blacksterling blacksiler blackCeltic blackstyle blackbail.Chinese blackWriting blackStone black(a blacktype blackof blackjasper) blackwith blackstylized blackleaf blackbail.Brecciated blackred blackjasper blackwith blackplain, blacksmooth blackbail.Optional blackChain: blackYou blackcan blackeither blackpurchase blackthese blackwithout blackchain blackand blackuse blackone blackof blackyour blackown blackfaves, blackor blackyou blackcan blackadd blacka black1.5mm blacksterling blacksilver blacklink blackchain blackwith blacka blackspring blackring blackclasp black(adding blacka blackchain blackalso blackmeans blackadding blacka blackjjump blackring blackand blacksnap blackbail blackfor blackthe blackchain blackto blackpass blackthrough blackthe blackdonut blackbail). blackPrices blackare blackbased blackon blackan black18-inch blackchain blacklength; blackhowever, blackif blackyou blackwould blacklike blacka blacklonger black(or blackshorter) blackchain, blackdrop blackme blacka blacknote blackand blackI'll blackbuild blackone blackto blackyour blackorder.Sara blackJewelry blackDesign. blackYour blackDesire blackis blackOur blackDesign.

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