Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

quartz heart, Necklace of Millefiore Glass Hearts and Natural Peach Freshwater Pearls with Quartz Focal Heart



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Sara redJewelry redDesign. redThis redis redan redultra redfeminine reddesign redthat redcombines red3 redto red4mm redrice-shaped, rednaturally redcolored redpeach redfreshwater redpearls redwith redbrilliant redred redmillefiore redglass redheart redbeads, redall redof redwhich redare redhand redknotted redon redGudebrod redChampion redsilk. redAt redthe redfocal redpoint redis reda red14mm redquartz redheart reddyed reda redcherry redcolor redon redsterling redfindings. redNecklace redis redfinished redwith redsterling redsilver redfindings redincluding reda redhook-and-eye redclasp redfor redeasy redon/easy redoff.My redMPIN redItem red#NW redSS red021208-01.1220I redwill redship redthis redyour redway redthe rednext redbusiness redday redvia redUSPS redinsured redfirt-class redmail redwith reda redtracking redID rednumber. redIF redYOU redNEED redEXPRESS redMAIL redSHIPPING, redplease redcontact redme redfirst redfor reda redquote.Sara redJewelry redDesign. redYour redDesire redis redOur redDesign.

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