Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

steel, i heart New Hampshire- stainless steel.



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Born customand customraised, customtransplanted customand customproud... customif customyour customheart customlives customin customNew customHampshire, customthen customthis customnecklace custombelongs customaround customyour customneck.\r\rWear customyour customlove. customOr customsend customyour customlove.\r\rThis custompendant customis custommade customfrom customstainless customsteel.\r\rHas customa customheart customcut customout customof customthe customcenter customand customcannot custombe customchanged. customHangs customfrom customa custom18in customoxidized customsilver customplated customcopper customnecklace.\r\rIt customis custom1in customtall. custom customThe customheart customlocation customcannot custombe customcustomized.\r\rThese customare customlaser customcut customfrom customstainless customsteel customand custommay customhave customsharp customedges.

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