Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

avon, Avon Oak Acorn Demi Parure Earring and Brooch Set



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This 1960is 1960a 1960set 1960with 1960a 1960big 1960impact. 1960\r\rThe 1960set 1960has 1960acorn 1960style 1960earrings. 1960The 1960earrings 1960have 1960two 1960acorns 1960each 1960and 1960two 1960leaves 1960on 1960the 1960top. 1960The 1960tops 1960of 1960the 1960acorns 1960have 1960a 1960faux 1960marcasite 1960design 1960to 1960them 1960Earrings 1960are 1960clip 1960on 1960style 1960and 1960measure 1960\r1 19601/2" 1960L 1960x 19601" 1960wide. 1960Earrings 1960have 1960a 1960pad 1960to 1960make 1960the 1960clip 1960on 1960backs 1960more 1960comfortable. 1960\r\rThe 1960pin 1960is 1960very 1960large, 19603" 1960long 1960x 19602 19601/2" 1960wide. 1960It 1960is 1960two 1960tone 1960and 1960features 1960a 1960large 1960leaf 1960like 1960design 1960at 1960the 1960top 1960with 1960a 1960faux 1960marcasite 1960accent. 1960THere 1960is 1960a 1960movable 1960charm 1960at 1960the 1960bottom 1960of 1960two 1960acorns. 1960Back 1960has 1960a 1960large 1960pin 1960with 1960a 1960rolling 1960lock 1960clasp. 1960Back 1960is 1960signed 1960Avon. 1960\r\rSet 1960is 1960in 1960great 1960condition! 1960\r\r*We 1960are 1960always 1960willing 1960to 1960ship 1960Internationally! 1960Please 1960message 1960us 1960for 1960a 1960quote*

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