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coin jewelry, Antique Queen Victoria Silver Enamel Saint George Slaying Dragon Coin Brooch Pin Jewelry



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Victorian antique broochSilver antique broochEnamel antique broochSaint antique broochGeorge antique broochSlaying antique broochDragon antique broochCoin antique broochBrooch antique broochPin antique broochJewelry\r\rThis antique broochis antique broocha antique broochbeautiful antique broochantique antique broochbrooch antique broochin antique broochsolid antique broochsilver antique broochand antique broochenamel antique broochcirca antique brooch1892.\r\rThe antique broochbrooch antique broochis antique broochmade antique broochfrom antique broocha antique brooch1892 antique broochEnglish antique broochsilver antique broochcrown antique broochcoin antique broochfeaturing antique broochthe antique broochportrait antique broochof antique broochQueen antique broochVictoria antique broochby antique broochSir antique broochJoseph antique broochEdgar antique broochBoehm.\r\rThe antique broochfront antique broochof antique broochthe antique broochcoin antique broochdepicts antique broochan antique broochenameled antique broochPistrucci antique broochSaint antique broochGeorge antique broochand antique broochthe antique broochDragon. antique brooch\r\rMeasures antique brooch1 antique brooch1/2 antique broochinches antique broochin antique broochdiameter.

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