Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Qty of 3 Sterling Silver Charms vintage charms, Crossvintage charms, Biblevintage charms, and School Bell 1960 Era



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This sterlingis sterlinga sterlingQty sterlingof sterling3 sterlingSterling sterlingSilver sterlingCharms sterling, sterling1 sterlingCross, sterling1 sterlingBible, sterlingand sterling1 sterlingSchool sterlingBell sterling1960's sterlingEra. sterlingAll sterlingin sterlinggood sterlingcondition. sterlingThey sterlingcould sterlinguse sterlinga sterlinggentle sterlingpolish. sterlingThe sterlingcross sterlingmeasures sterlingapprox. sterling1 sterlinginch sterlingtall sterlingto sterlinggive sterlingyou sterlingan sterlingidea sterlingof sterlingthe sterlingsize sterlingof sterlingeach sterlingcharm. sterlingIf sterlingyou sterlinghave sterlingany sterlingmore sterlingquestions sterlingplease sterlingask sterlingbefore sterlingyou sterlingpurchase. sterlingI sterlingship sterlingto sterlingthe sterlingUSA. sterlingNo sterlingInternational. sterlingI sterlingalso sterlinginsure sterlingall sterlingof sterlingmy sterlingpackages sterlingto sterlingthe sterlingUSA sterlingto sterlingmake sterlingsure sterlingthat sterlingthey sterlingarrive sterlingto sterlingyou sterlingsafely. sterlingThanks sterlingfor sterlinglooking.

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