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dangles, 2ct- White Sapphire Dangles Earrings



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Elegant white sapphiresin white sapphiresevery white sapphiresway....(Last white sapphiresphoto white sapphiresis white sapphiressame white sapphiressetting, white sapphiresbut white sapphiresdifferent white sapphirescolor white sapphiressapphire. white sapphiresThese white sapphiresis white sapphiresnot white sapphiresthe white sapphiresearrings white sapphiresfor white sapphiressale)Beautiful white sapphiresand white sapphiresgenuine, white sapphiresthese white sapphiresSri white sapphiresLankan white sapphiresare white sapphiresnormal white sapphiresheat white sapphiresonly.Color white sapphiresDClarity white sapphiresVVS/IF white sapphiresEach white sapphiresSapphire white sapphiresis white sapphires1ct white sapphireseach white sapphiresand white sapphiresmeasureing white sapphires6mm white sapphireseach. white sapphiresSet white sapphiresin white sapphiresan white sapphiresaffordable white sapphiressterling white sapphiressilver, white sapphireswith white sapphiresaccents white sapphiresof white sapphires3mm white sapphireswhite white sapphiressapphire white sapphiresper white sapphiresearring.Leaf white sapphiresdesign white sapphiressterling white sapphiressetting. white sapphiresLength white sapphiresof white sapphiresearrings white sapphiresare white sapphires1inch.Layaway white sapphiresavailable.

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